The Lean Canvas Test

Mon Feb 27 2023

I like writing code so much that I have rarely stopped to think about how I am spending my time. As long as the technology is challenging, I love to just dive into projects. However, I only have so many coding hours left in my life so I better start spending them more wisely.

My first experience with a lean canvas was not good. There was a tight deadline. My collaborator was over complicating the process, and there was a lot of pressure to make a questionable idea look good. I did not enjoy making that lean canvas so I did not consider using the process again.

Fortunately, I recently attended a startup workshop where a got some excellent lean canvas training. The workshop gave me a fresh look at the process and how simple and informative it could be.

I also realized that you don't need the world's next great startup idea in order to use a lean canvas. You can use one for your next ordinary project at work. Start lean canvassing and avoid pointless projects!