SurrealDB + Python

Wed Nov 01 2023

I've had my eye on SurrealDB for quite some time and finally got a chance to try it out. I did try some experiments with it a few months ago, but their documentation was so sparse I couldn't get it to go. Things are much better now and I feel like SurrealDB lives up to the hype.

I was especially interested to see how much of an application backend SurrealDB could cover.

Capability SurrealDB
User Authentication Yep, via JWT tokens too!
Permissions I used table PERMISSIONS - worked great and should allow for complex scenarios.
Multi-tenant data Yes via permissions. (Surreal also has namespaces)
File storage Ha - not really unless you store as string encoded data.
Background tasks Events + http functions could really help here to coordinate things like email delivery.

See my detailed Jupyter Notebook here :

Things that I liked

Things that I didn't like